Thursday, May 22, 2014

How badly do we want to see "transformation"?

Been thinking a lot about this allusive idea of tranformation...

I hear so many who "talk the talk" -- but few who "walk the walk".  I read a lot of great sounding FB posts, but the reality is that most people are living one life publicly and quite another privately.  And some don't even create those post will have a great, "spiritual" quote on moral values and biblical principles, and the next a vulgar comment or picture of a barely clothed young girl....which only shows me how thin that line has become between being "in" the world and "of" it. How do we transform a culture if our values and our corresponding behavior (and don't be determines the other) are no different than the world?  The answer is simple -- we don't! To change the culture or value system of a nation will take a change within ourselves and it will take will require us laying down our lives for a cause.

So, we have to ask ourselves -- is this cause important enough for us to make the sacrifice of our personal agendas and self-indulged lifestyles to see a nation become a sheep nation whose culture reflects the values of the Bible?  Is our city, our nation worth the sacrifice?

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