Friday, June 27, 2014

Lots of much action?

Been listening to a lot of stuff lately....Banning Liebscher, Bill Johnson, Johnny Enlow, and others...and find that no matter how diverse their messages, I'm hearing the Holy Spirit speak little things to me from each of them.  One thing stuck out to me today as I was listening to a recent message of Bannings at Bethel, and it's something I've heard my husband, Rocky, mention, too...just took awhile to sink in that it really applies to me as a leader of youth in the church.  We are always trumpeting the message of our vision:  transformation...but what we have failed to do is develop a strategy toward that if it will happen magically.

If we want to develop people that transform nations, we need a strategy to do it.  We do meetings every week to get people excited and pumped up about the vision, but what do we really offer them of substance that will move them toward the goal of being agents of transformation in the culture?  Specifically for me, what can I do with the youth in 1 or 2, 30-45 miniute teachings each week to really equip them to be light to their world?  The truth is, not much.

So...I'm on a quest to develop a strategy for youth that will equip them to be God's mountain climbers who are prepared to confront whatever situation they encounter, to know how to get God's solutions for issues and open doors of favor to influence the people around them.